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AMOK! Seminar

April 01, 2017

Presented by Tom Sotis

Ultra-Functional Activities Seminar explores AMOK!’s advanced activities that go beyond common sparring and practices which produces a higher degree of functionality with both blades and empty hands.

Beyond Sparring

On Saturday, Tom will present different ways in which the highly valued activity of sparring is expanded upon to increase your fighting functionality. Most fighting methods use sparring as a one-size-fits-all activity used to experiment, discover solutions, and gain experience.  But sparring is not a one-size-fits-all activity, sparring has various modes, each with many variations, and they are specifically designed to Gain Experience, Conduct Experiments, and Discover Solutions. Beyond Sparring presents a detailed breakdown of the varied sparring modes and their variations for fighting with blades or with empty hands.

Beyond Practice

On Sunday, Tom will present advanced Practice activities to bring your knifework to a higher degree of functionality in chaos through superior recognition skills. Developing proper structure, range, and timing are the initial stage of developing any given technique but functionality in chaos will also require “reading the cues during chaos” and “countering from a less-than-ideal platform”. Beyond Practice presents a detailed breakdown on how to implement technique into the chaos of fighting when there varied tactics, changing pressure, and broken rhythm (unlike popular flow drills that don’t resemble actual fighting and develop skill at the wrong things).

Info and Registration

Venue: Silverback Academy, 14740 Flint Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151
Time: 10am – 2pm each day; please arrive by 9:45am.
Host: Sean Stoopman (703) 651-5918 or sean@silverbackacademy.com 
Fee: $200 until March 30, $225 at the door
Registration: http://amok.global/events/chantilly/

Yoga with Jonny!

February 18, 2023

Starting Saturday January 28th we are going to have Yoga at Silverback at 1:00 PM. The cost is only $10 for Silverback Members and $15 for non members
About Johnny:
Jonny has been a personal trainer for the last 8 years, specializing in body weight movements and inversions. He has been a Crossfit coach for the last 4 years and has a very detailed understanding of the human body. His yoga practice showcases his abilities to help people of all fitness levels and flexibility to push to the next level.

Professor Tom DeBlass Seminar

January 31, 2023

Professor Tom DeBlass is holding a Gi seminar at Silverback Academy January 31st from 6 PM- 9PM on Tuesday January 31st. The Cost is only $75 for this amazing chance to train with Professor DeBlass in Northern Virginia. Don't miss this event!

Reserve your spot by going to: https://squareup.com/store/silverbackacademy/item/tom-deblass-seminar

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