Head Instructor

Sean "Silverback" Stoopman

Sean is the head instructor and founder of Silverback Academy. In addition to over 25 years of martial arts experience, Sean also spent 7 years serving as an executive protection specialist for corporations and a close quarter combat instructor for protection professionals.

Over the years Sean has been sought out to train everyone from members of the FBI, DEA, DHS, local and federal law enforcement agencies, The Department of the Army, Navy Law Enforcement, Air Force and Marines, Department of State Diplomatic Security, Private Executive Protection Teams, and private citizens looking to increase their situational awareness, Close Quarter Combat skills, and specialized training for their unique needs.

Below is a Brief List of Training, Certifications & Associations:

Martial Arts Ranks:

2nd Degree Black Belt ACQC
Adaptive Close Quarter Combat
Chief Law Enforcement & Military Instructor
Force Training Division CQC and Defensive tactics Instructor
Edged Weapons Instructor
Weapons Retention Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga
​​Phase 2 Instructor
One of only 6 in the United States
Women’s Self Defense Instructor
Combat Ground fighting instructor
Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor certified
Military Krav Maga Instructor Certified

Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Affiliate of Tom DeBlass BJJ
Black Belt from Professor Tom Deblass 
Brown Belt from  Professor Chris Haueter /Team Combat Base
Purple Belt from Professor Roy Dean

AMOK! Combatives Instructor
Certified Directly by AMOK! Founder Tom Sotis
Real world functional combatives focusing on the short blade
The only AMOK! Instructor teaching in Virginia and one of only 13 in the world

Level Two Filipino Martial Arts Instructor Under Sifu Roy Harris
Level Two FMA Instructor under Harris International
Edged weapons, blunt weapons and empty hand methods
Blend of Kali, Arnis and Escrima Training

3rd Degree Black Belt Full Contact Kickboxing
Israeli Full Contact Kickboxing
Highest American ever certified in the system

Contemporary JKD PFS-DOM instructor under Paul Vunak
Filipino Knife and Stick (Kali)
Empty handed Filipino boxing
Jeet Kune Do Instructor
RAT instructor (Rapid Assault Tactics)
ETGS instructor (Escape To Gain Safety, women’s self-defense)
Edged & Blunt Weapons instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt Freestyle Kickboxing
World Black Belt Bureau certified black belt instructor & lifetime member

Senior Combat Ground Fighting Instructor
Israeli Krav and Ground Fighting Association

Silat instructor
Training Group Instructor under Guru Burton Richardson in Silat

Associations & Affiliations:

Founder & Head of the Force Training & Executive Protection Division of Adaptive Close Quarter Combat
Certified Master Bodyguard Instructor
Member: Filipino Combat Systems under Guro Ray Dionaldo
Certified Firearms Instructor
Member: American Association of Bodyguards and Protection Instructors
Certified Personal Fitness and Group Fitness Instructor
Member of the Thai Boxing Association of America
Member of Descendants of the Masters Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Association
World Black Belt Bureau certified Instructor in Krav Maga & Full Contact Kickboxing
Team Combat Base Affiliated MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor
Harris International Certified Filipino Martial Arts Affiliate and Instructor
Israeli Krav International Certified Black belt Instructor and Affiliate
Member JKD Unlimited under Sifu Burton Richardson
Member and Training Group Leader for Silat For the Streets Under Guro Burton Richardson



14740 Flint Lee Rd, Suite F Chantilly , VA 20151, USA

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